Basics for Initial Lawn Installation

Experts for lawn maintenance in Woodstock GA recommend four ways that you can use to lay your lawn initially. You may decide to sow, spray, lay, or plug for initial installation. Each of the methods has both benefits and downsides. The method for initial laying of your lawn depends on your patience, budget, and the type of grass you intend have on your lawn.


The seed option has several benefits. It is inexpensive compared to other options in terms of cost per square feet, requires just basic tools such as rake, shovel, and spade. Besides, you have a wide variety of grasses to choose from if you go for this option.

However, it also comes with its downsides. You cannot predict germination percentage, and it has higher chances of weed infestation and erosion. Planting times are also limited, especially in spring and fall seasons.

With the seed option, you will have to wait between four and six weeks before you can use the lawn. Mowing starts when the grass is about three inches tall, as recommended by professionals for lawn maintenance in Woodstock, GA.

Hydro seeding option

Also known as spraying, it has several advantages including easy mixing of seeds, mulch, and fertilizer, which takes less time than traditional seeding does. Since it contains mulch, chances of erosion are limited, and the mulch suppresses weed growth. Delivered by a professional for lawn maintenance in Woodstock, GA , it results in high germination rate.

On the flipside, the option is quite competitive and you have to book the service early from experts. Wait for up to six weeks before you use the lawn and start mowing when the grass is about three inches tall.

Sod option

It is one of the options to choose to install your lawn initially. Its benefits include an instant green lawn, and immediate sealing of patches or slopes. Besides, it is also the fastest way to acquire your lawn.

However, while it works quite fast, it has drawbacks that you must prepare to meet. For example, it is costly per square foot and requires professional installation. To get the best out of it, you need to engage an expert offering the best lawn maintenance in Acworth GA. Besides, the grass is perishable and must be installed on the same day it is delivered to prevent withering.

The option does not require any wait time, and mowing can start in just two weeks after planting.

Plugs option

This option is the cheapest, compared to other options for installation. Experts for lawn maintenance in Kennesaw, GA recommend chunks of potted grass, which are planted between six and twelve inches apart. They then grow to fill the spaces between them.

However, this option is not for those who want quick lawns. For example, filling of the spaces between the chunks takes between two and five months. Mowing can start when the grass is about eight weeks.

Ready with the options you can use for your initial laying, you can approach a landscaping company to discuss your objectives. For the best Woodstock lawn maintenance services, visit Check out lawn frogs landscapes!


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