Benefits of purchasing artificial flowers

The decision on what type of flower to have at your ceremony is fundamental to the success of your event. This is because choosing the wrong flower can result to a bland setting for your event. Having real flowers, be it a wedding or a graduation ceremony, brings a sense of originality and true beauty. However, the shortcomings of purchasing real flowers has led to people preferring artificial flowers over real ones. Other than being pocket friendly, artificial flowers come in different types, colours, and designs. They can be arranged in accordance to your taste and preference.  Moreover, they are available all year round.

Artificial flowers

Discussed below are some of the benefits of hiring artificial flowers over real ones.


One of the greatest advantages of artificial flowers is that they are usually in season any time of the year. Unlike the real flowers that are dependent on the weather and seasons, artificial flowers are always available. This is due to the fact that, many companies that supply artificial flowers have emerged due to the rising demand of the flowers.  For instance, Floral by Design offers both foam and silk flowers Melbourne has today. Therefore, an event that requires flowers such as a wedding can be planned in advance and any type of flower can be settled upon. Moreover, there is a guarantee that, that type and colour of the flower will be available. This means that disappointments as well as panic will be reduced during planning as well as unfolding of ceremony.

Non perishable

One of the shortcomings of real flowers is that they often wither when exposed to heat or sunshine. If not properly stored, they can die while in transit. They therefore require a lot of care so that they can be in an admirable condition when the time of the event comes. With artificial flowers however, you do not have to worry about their perishability. Moreover, such flowers can still be kept and used after the ceremony and thus serve as a memory of the event that was. More important is that, artificial flower arrangements are flawless since the flowers are designed and shaped evenly. On the other hand, real flowers vary in shades and are often mis-shaped.  In addition, artificial flowers can easily be transported even over long distances without being damaged. They are light in weight, making their transportation even much easier.

Non allergic

With real flowers, an event can be ruined if a party or parties are allergic to pollen. Therefore, flowers such as roses, lilies, anemones cannot be used to grace the event. This is a limiting factor since the event planners are not at liberty of selecting any flowers of their choice. On the other hand, with artificial flowers, you do not have to worry about any allergic affects to the participants. In addition, cases of bees and wasps running after you due to the flowers will not be reported. You stand a chance of having the silk flowers of your choice at your event.


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