Notebooks, and the Smell of Fresh Paper, will Always be Cool!

Digitisation has taken over every aspect of people’s lives. However, there are some pleasures in life like reading and writing which cannot be substituted by these digital options. Writing in notebooks and stationeries never go out of style. Though it is more convenient to perform all the tasks on the smartphone or tablet, people still find scribbling things in their notebooks such as Rhodia notebooks easier than using the stylus.

Some popular brands which provide writing material

There are certain brands which have been around for almost a hundred years like the Leuchtturm 1917. Some other equally famous brands are Rhodia, Clairefontaine, Whitelines, Moleskine and Field Notes. You can find the best Notebooks for sale online by visiting websites like On these websites, all the notebooks of each of the brands mentioned above can be found. You get notebooks of all sizes, thickness, colours and prints.

What is so special about writing in notebooks

It has been found that writing things down with a pen or pencil helps people to remember them better than typing them on a gadget. There is no fear of the notebook getting damaged in case of a fall while a gadget gets immediately damaged in a similar situation. Older people like to stick to the tradition and so prefer noting things down in a small pocketbook. You can write to your heart’s content about your memories and secrets and keep these notebooks as treasured possessions for your whole life. Even younger people find this trend cool as they can use notebooks to doodle or take down class notes or do creative designing.

Why are Rhodia notebooks so popular

The Rhodia notebooks are preferred by writers, artists and designers alike because of their sturdiness and iconic orange and black colour. The brand offers a huge variety and the best quality of paper. The Rhodia notebooks come with different pad rulings – lines (with and without margins), dot grids, graphs and blank notebooks. These Rhodia notebooks are available in the form of long pads, side stapled notebooks, spiral binding notebooks, soft cover notebooks, pocket notepads, top wirebound notepads, hard cover notebooks and many other varieties. The ultra smooth paper supports the use of pencils, ball pens, sketch pens and fountain pens. The size of these noteboooks ranges from 3″x8.25″ to 16.5″x12.5″.  All these sizes come with lined, graph and dot grid varieties. Weekly planners, reverse notebooks, meeting books and colourful notepads are also available. These notebooks are very cost effective and of a high quality which makes them a favourite among designers and artists.


Other famous brands like Leuchtturm 1917 and Clairefontaine also provide an amazing collection of notebooks. The Leuchtturm1917 notebooks are known for their numbered pages, table of contents, ink proof and acid free paper, labels and pagemarkers. The Clairefontaine notebooks have varieties like planners, indexed books, laboratory and drawing books, music and song books, plasic cover notebooks, books made with stone paper and many more. So go ahead and choose a notebook which reflects your style!

Live your passion with Sambar deer hunting trips!

Gone are the days when hunting was just considered as the traditional male-dominated pastime. These days, even women love to carry a gun and live their passion for hunting. Emma Sears, who belongs to a farming family, says that she started hunting rabbits, ducks and foxes at a very young age. But now she loves to enjoy the more exciting Sambar deer hunting VIC trips that give new heights to her passion for hunting.

Sambar Deer Hunting VIC

It is really good to know that people are living in an age where hunters have great access to deer and deer hunting. Hunting the magnificent Sambar deer is altogether a very different experience. The sound of one approaching makes the heart pound. Sambar deer hunting VIC wide is a great option for all those who just love to be a part of an adrenaline-rich activity.

What’s the best time for hunting

Well, the trips for Sambar deer hunting VIC professionals conduct do not have any defined, closed season. It means that one can enjoy adventurous hunting tours all across the year. According to the experts, it’s a bit difficult to hunt in summers as the ground litter in the bush becomes crunchy and dry and thus makes the stalking a bit difficult.

By far, the most suitable time for Sambar deer hunting in VIC is winter. During this time of the year, the ground is usually wet. This makes stalking quieter in comparison to that in the summer season. It allows the hunter to have a closer view of the Sambar deer and increases the shot opportunity. Spring is another wonderful time when one can experience maximum fun inVIC Sambar Deer Hunting. During this season, Sambar deer usually come out of forest for feeding on farm crops and new grass.

Correct spots for making the best shot:

With 7 subspecies, the Sambar deer is one of the largest members of the deer family. They are found in almost every part of Australia, North America and New Zealand. The average height of these deer lies between 40 and 63 inches of height. One is 5.3 to 8.9 inches long and weighs around 220 to 1200 pound. For making the best shot, it is important to have a clear idea about the dimensions. According to the professional hunters, the lung and heart region is undoubtedly the ideal region for making the best shot. It offers most humane and ethical death to the animal. With the advancement in technology, the young hunters just love to use the hi-tech gadgets with GPS function for mapping animal and latest equipment for hunting. A variety of weapons such as crossbows, handguns, muzzleloaders, rifles and shotguns are useful for hunting this type of deer. Check out Dingley Dell Safaris.


Deer hunting is becoming a popular recreation with the passing years. The main reason behind the deer survival is that Sambar deer blends with the environment. It is crucial to learn about the tricks that are helpful in making the right shot and take back some trophies back home. These days, various packages for Sambar deer hunting VIC wide are available that are exclusively designed to deliver lifetime adventure that makes the hunting memorable for a lifetime.