Duck Meat: The Succulent and Healthy Option

If you want to eat healthy but want to cut on those calories, then opting for duck breast might be the way to go for you. Duck meat has been used since the ancient times because they are very easy to reproduce and they provide eggs as well. Although there is a common misconception that duck meat is unhealthy because of its fat content and because of the fact that it’s a red meat. This article will explain why opting for duck breast is the healthy way and some ways to prepare it.

Nutritional Value

Duck meat has a lot of protein (no brainer) that is needed in repairing and manufacturing muscles especially for younger people. A regular duck breast serving is around 78 grams. A noticeable part of that 78 gram serving is the line of succulent, mouthwatering and gooey good portion of yellow duck fat. It might not look good for health buffs, it is surprisingly low in calories: around 28 calories (even half a banana has more calories than it at 45)!

Aside from that, duck meat is also a good source of iron (good for the blood), Niacin (for stamina and energy), Riboflavin (the same with Niacin) and selenium (for potency in men, fertility in women and an immune system booster). With all these wonderful things that you can get from it, you are also ingesting a very low level of saturated fat which can lead to type 1 diabetes, hypertension, stroke and even to death (in high levels).

How do I cook it?

Now that you know how good it is, it is now time to cook it. So, how is it done? First of all, like choosing any kind of raw material, it all boils down to quality. You can buy a cheap duck breast without sacrificing quality. When you buy cheap duck breast, make sure that it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t look gross. Next is the preparation – usually duck breasts are pan seared or grilled. Despite the variation in cooking methods, there is a common step among them. This is to score the skin (slice the skin thinly) and to sear the duck skin side down to have a crispy skin and for a deeper flavor. Lastly, the doneness. Like steaks, the level of doneness varies per person to person. One good way to judge the doneness is by comparing it with your face. If it feels like your cheeks, then it is rare. If it feels like your chin, then it’s medium. And lastly, if it feels like your forehead, it is well done. Read more at R & R Poultry

Like chicken, duck meat is very versatile. That means that if you happen to find cheap duck breast, you have a variety of choices to enjoy your duck meal. There are probably more than a thousand ways that you can enjoy your precious duck meals. Some of the most popular choices include:

·         Pan Searing

·         Grilling (open fire, oven, charcoal)

·         Poaching

·         Cooking with broth

·         Soups

·         Smoking

Although it is not as popular as chicken, duck meat proves to be a very good source of nutrients and protein. So, be open minded and give it a try!


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