Four Qualifications to Watch in Your Arborist

Once you have trees in your environment, you need services of an established Marietta tree service company. However, you need to be very careful when selecting a company for tree service. With many companies out there to offer similar services, it is possible to land in the hands of a company that may not give you the best service. Therefore, which qualifications should you watch in your preferred arborist?

Marietta tree service company
Marietta tree service company

The company should be licensed, certified, and fully insured: these qualifications are important to ensure that a company renders credible service to customers. For example, a company without valid license means it is not authorized by the government to carry out the business.

On the same note, without a valid insurance policy, a company may not be able to handle risks resulting from tree service effectively. Whenever you consider a reliable Marietta tree service company, ensure it has a valid operating license and has relevant coverage for risks involved in tree service.

Experience: in tree service, experience depends on the length of time an arborist has served in the business. Reliable arborists from a Marietta tree service company should be able to handle different tasks for both commercial and residential customers.

Services involved may include stump-grinding, pruning, cleanup services after a storm, and emergency tree clearing. With an experienced arborist by your side, you can rest assured that the professionals will carry out the service to your expectations.

Timeliness: issues such as storm damage require urgent attention. If the company you hire for tree service cannot respond to urgent needs in time, you need to change a service provider. The point is to get a reliable tree removal company that can come to your rescue as fast as possible when a tree falls on your house or a mighty storm has wrecked havoc on your residence.

Consider equipment: tree service involves use of modern equipment that can complete the service in less time with the least effort. Recognized Marietta tree removal companies have modern machines for tree cutting, stump grinding, and transportation of cut parts for safe disposal.

If your preferred company cannot offer quality tree service, then you need to look for a suitable alternative. Here are some of the services to expect from a reliable company for tree service in Marietta:

Stump removal and grinding: this service is ideal for both commercial and residential customers. Once a tree is cut, the stump remains sticking from the ground, which may not leave a good sight on a home compound or a commercial environment. In such situations, professional arborists are hired to remove the stump and grind it using special machines.

Pruning: this service involves the removal of overgrown, diseased, and dead branches and dispose of them safely. Once cut, trees can be recycled for several applications including lumber, or provision of energy.

Site clearing: this service is ideal after storm damage or in new sites that require clearing before new structures can be set up. In such circumstances, you need a reliable company with the right machines to carry out the service.

The type of company you choose for tree service influences the outcome of the project. For the best Marietta tree service, get in touch with specialists at


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