Furby and Other Cute and Cuddly Toys and Mr. Toys Toyworld

Christmas is just around the corner, it’s the time of gift giving again, kid’s favorite time of the year. As parents and grownups, we should know that nothing excites and makes kids happy than toys they can play with. If you’re thinking of giving your kids something new and cute this year, then you might want to check out the fun and cuddly Furby toys at Mr. Toys Toyworld.


This toy store has a wide selection of your favorite toys, and it features some of the most popular toys you can find in the world today, from Legos and actions figures, cars and vehicles, dolls and soft toys, and the more popular brands with cute and interesting features such as various models of Furby toys to different types of Fisher Price toys, to cute and cuddly My Little Pony toys, to fun and cute Little Pet Shop toys, this toy shop has everything you would want for your toddlers this Christmas.

Furbies in particular, are great for kids ages six and up, as they are really cute toys. The popularity of this toy made it a must-have toy, not just for toddlers, but for teens as well. This owl-like or hamster-like creature has been around since 1998 as an electronic robot toy, now, it comes in variety of versions, colors and models, catering the taste of different kids. Simply insert four size AA alkaline batteries, switch on the toy, and it will do the rest and entertain your kids. This toy has a language of its own (called furbish) and can speak English. The best thing about this toy is it doesn’t entertain kids, it also teaches kids to talk, as it is programmed to replace furbish words with English, a program that resembles learning of English language. Newer versions of this toy comes with voice recognition features and more complex facial movements, which can definitely keep your kids busy playing and learning at the same time. This is the main reason behind its popularity – apparent intelligence reflected in its ability to develop language skills.

For parents who want to play with their kids through furbies, there is a downloadable app that can help you interpret what the toy is saying through translating furbish language to English. Also, the more you play with this toy, the more it speaks English. Another great thing about this toy is that, they can communicate through infrared port strategically positioned between their eyes. With this, the toy is indeed, a timeless toy that kids enjoy playing with even as they age.

Mr. Toys Toyworld store sells toys with a big slash on their price tags, allowing you to either save money for Christmas, or buy more toys and presents for everyone this holiday season.  Furby toys for example, are available for as low as $49, which is way cheaper compared to many offline stores that sells Furbies for up to a whopping $100.

This holiday season, save up big and give your kids fun and great surprises with toys from Mr. Toys Toyworld.  And Subscribe to our website now, http://mrtoys.com.au/


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